Your Vision, Your Voice RETREAT

Spend a week honing your voice and clarifying your vision.

Join in a guided Independent study retreat
with Lyric Montgomery Kinard.
Build community.
Dive deeply into your creative heart.
Be thoughtful about your artistic practice.
Work in a truly supportive environment. 

You may choose to participate in daily thought topics, critique sessions, and design exercises with your classmates, or not. Lyric will be with you the entire time to give direction, feedback, and lots and lots of individual guidance and encouragement.

What you work on during this week is entirely up to you, there are infinite options. Worksheets and a quick call with Lyric before the retreat will help you set goals for the week. Here are a few options:

Work on a meaningful piece of art
Work on a series
Work through a series of design exercises
Work through ideas you've been wanting to explore
Work to understand specific Design Principles

Retreat size will be limited to 12 students in order to create an intimate and supportive atmosphere and so that Lyric will have enough time to give every student individual attention.

You will join a group of like minded artists who are sharing their journey together. You will be supported and encouraged as you work through your process. You will be helped over hurdles and roadblocks by your fellow artists.

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This is an independent study retreat, YOUR time. All activities are optional. The goal is to focus on YOUR vision in a supportive and instructive environment.

Before the retreat:
Worksheets to help you set your goals for the week
Set a time for a 30 minute zoom call with Lyric to discuss your goals

Monday afternoon:
A soft open with a casual group lunch and introductions
Getting set up with equipment and technology
Introductory thought exercises - what is your dream life as an artist

Tuesday - Friday:
Morning thought exercises, journaling
Play time, short design exercises
Individual guidance and critiques
Afternoon group critiques
Evening lectures and wrap-up discussions

Saturday morning:
Wrap Up discussions
Exchange of information
Goodbye lunch

A private FaceBook group to stay in touch and continue group support

  • Lyric Kinard coached me through the selection, development, and completion of a quilt like I have never made before. Her teaching method is based on helping students to understand and analyze works of art, including our own, so that we can improve our work. I learned one procedure for getting from idea to finished product, complete with exploring my motivations for choosing a particular subject, different ways of playing around with possible presentations, and the importance of a pretty formal and detailed analysis at every stage. Just today i have been reviewing the many steps along the way in the course and kind of starting over for my next project.

    — Ellen Fisher
  • I now have some tools for that I didn't have before Lyric helped me to create at process or two that allows me to quickly evaluate a lot of possibilities for potential studies or works in a series. I learned that my process and my work are uniquely mine, and that's okay. They don't need to be measured against anyone else's work.

    — Judy Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment will I need?

You will need two devices to participate fully. One should be a tablet or smartphone that you will mount as an overhead camera. Here is a great mount. It will also be very helpful if you have lighting for your overhead camera.

Why should I sign up for this course?

To join in an incredibly supportive environment as you work intently on your own art. To gain fresh eyes as Lyric and the other students encourage you through your design decisions. To spend a full week focused solely on YOUR artistic journey.

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel until January 1st and receive a refund minus a $50 registration fee. You can get half a refund until January 31st in extenuating circumstances. IF there is another student on the waiting list willing to take your place you will receive a full refund minus the $50 registration fee.