Live Virtual Class Jan 20, 2021 10am - 1pm Pacific

3hrs Live with Lyric via Zoom + 24hr access to this full online collection of videos and written instruction. This online class is a supplement and information page to the live class that will occur on Jan 20th.

BE INSPIRED and get creative as fun-loving artist Lyric Kinard guides you through the basics of beaded embellishment on cloth. Make straight or curved solid lines, split or join them, or simply add one bead at a time. Cage a beautiful cabochon, or get silly with stacks, the perfect finish for your favorite funky flowers. Foil the quilt police and learn to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots or mess on the back.

Let's BEAD together!

Enroll: As soon as you sign up for this course you will be asked to register by entering your email and creating a password for private access to the zoom link and course materials

Prepare: You will have immediate access to the first lesson group that includes the patterns to download and print, a Zoom link, the supply list, and a place for you all to introduce yourself.

Day before class: You will receive emailed reminders before class starts with the Zoom link and a repeat of the instructions. In the wee hours of the morning before the live Zoom class begins, all video instructions in this online class space will be opened. Feel free to browse through them and get a head start on the class project if you wish.

30 minutes before the live instruction: The Zoom meeting room will be open early. Please log in early to make sure your are properly connected. Lyric can help you work through tech issues then and say hello to your classmates.

Jan 20: Lyric will give a short tutorial on how Zoom meetings work and then the fun begins! For three straight hours Lyric will work with you, sharing both video and live tutorials, answering your questions, helping you learn the techniques.

Next 24+ hours: You will then continue to have access to the video lessons until midnight the day after class.You will have the option to purchase permanent access to the video lessons in an on-demand Bead It class at a greatly reduced cost. 

Kits are available: please order by Jan 6th

Optional kits are available at Lyric's shop. See details below.

Supplies needed for class

Please gather the following minimum supplies:

Bead container
Seed beads, some smaller, some larger
A cabochon or shankless button
Beading thread
A needle small enough to go through your smallest beads
A quilted sample to practice on

Order a kit or have the following ready:

1 tube of #11 Foxglove Cottage Straw Needles
1 bag of beautiful fiesta colored beads
1 bobbin of c-lon beading thread
1 beautiful handmade glass cabochon
2 6″ squares of fiesta colored hand dyed fabric
1 6″ square batting
1 6″ square fusible web
1 6″ square backing fabric
Pattern sheet with flower options - available on signup

Come PLAY with Lyric!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much interaction will there from the teacher in this live class?

Lyric will be live with you for 3 hours on zoom. You'll have an up-close view of each technique demonstrated as she shares beautifully lit pre-recorded videos then switches to overhead live camera to work along with you.

What do I need to know about using a computer?

You'll need to understand how to use zoom. The app will need to be downloaded on your device or onto your computer.

What device should I use?

The bigger the screen the better. If you have two devices I suggest starting the day out on a big screen. If you can't see your bigger screen from your workspace then you might want to switch to a tablet while you are working so you can easily ask Lyric questions and show her your work.

Is this class refundable?

Not usually but we can be flexible while Covid is happening. Send me an email and let's talk.

Why do I have to register here?

As an added backup and bonus my live-virtual students get access to a full online course for at least 24hrs after our zoom session. There are extra bonus techniques and videos here and you can go refresh your instructions after class. It's also a failsafe in case something out of our control goes wrong with zoom connections.

Let's BEAD together!