Bead it Like You Mean It bundle

BE INSPIRED and get creative as fun-loving artist Lyric Kinard guides you through the basics of beaded embellishment on cloth. This course bundle gives you both the basics and some advanced beading techniques at a a 15% discount over signing up for the classes individually.

Make straight or curved solid lines, split or join them, or simply add one bead at a time. Cage a beautiful cabochon, or get silly with stacks, the perfect finish for your favorite funky flowers.

Are you a quilter? Foil the quilt police and learn to bead from the top of a finished quilt with no knots or mess on the back

All of these video based lessons will be yours to access permanently in this open-access course. Once you have purchased this course you will receive an email with instructions and web address for how to access the course material.

Become a Bead Embroidery Expert


Seed Beads, one at a time, in a line, any way you choose

Bugle Beads, the best bang for your buck!

Stacks, get up and off the surface

Beaded Bezels, simple ways to cage a cabochon

Chunky Beads and how to use glue

Working from the Top, the invisible knots and stitches

Funky Fringes and Stacks

Off The Edge, picot edge, beaded blanket stitch and more

Dimensional Beadwork, cord wrapping and off the ground bugles

Gourd on the Ground Beaded Bezel, and elegant way to wrap a cabochon